Bites' cuisine draws on the experience of Bites’s Team to combine flavors from around the globe using a variety of preparation methods, such as grilling and fermenting.

The menu changes frequently and offers unique tasting sensations due to the respect for the seasonality of the products and an ever-present passion for research and experimentation. Our chef play, innovate, and astound our guests ‘bite’ after ‘bite’ every day as they lead them through a gastronomic journey at our restaurant!



The majority of the cooking and preparation of the raw foods is done at a broad counter that extends into the dining area from the kitchen. The real kitchen, where grilling and slow cooking take place, is to the right of the counter, beyond the windows.

Bites is intended to be a place for discussion and exploration. The object of the game is to rely on the chefs. Tiny dishes flow into one another in a steady cadence, pleasingly taxing the palate with each bite. Long, meticulous, and careful preparations are at the helm.

In the always growing and modernizing culinary courses, consistency, acidity, and savouriness rule. Bites strategy's elements produce an experience of contrasts and sensations that push the palate to experiment, play, discover, recall, and imagine.



Visit us in Milan, Via Lambro 11 (20129).
We are open Thursday to Monday, from 6PM to 11PM. Saturday and Sunday also open for lunch!